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Your #1 Electrician Townsville. The double advantage of safety and efficiency is the primary reason that should make you enlist the services of a professional electrician. C Vella Plumbing & Electrical has a spotless record of performing excellent repairs, maintenance, and installation of electrical systems and appliances. Our clients are always assured of high-quality services at very fair prices all the time.

Hiring the experienced Electrician Townsville helps you to save time and money because their high levels of training allows them to make fast diagnosis of an electrical flaw and timely detection of problems, which makes it easier and quicker to fix. Besides, the highly motivated electricians are vastly prepared to deal with ultra-modern electrical systems that require superior levels of skills.

C Vella’s Townsville Electricians Only Use the Most Advanced Equipment.

In order to achieve utmost safety and customer satisfaction, we have invested in highly developed equipment and systems, which are uniquely designed to enhance our level of precision during repairs, installation or maintenance of systems and appliances. The sophistication of these systems make it possible for us to deliver faster results that incline perfectly to the clients’ specifications.

Over the years, we have proved our incredible capacity and built the best strategies to handle complex problems in a way that guarantees the safety of our clients and those around them. We bring to your lives the convenience of versatility by handling a wide range of tasks that include fixing and maintaining most residential and commercial electrical systems.

Other Services

  • Fixing, repairing and maintaining of fans
  • Lighting systems
  • Installing and maintaining smoke alarms
  • Repairing and maintaining emergency lighting
  • Repairing of power points, phone points and TV points
  • Safety switch testing
  • Hot water installation
  • Solar power checks and services
  • Performing energy audits

“We Serve Both Residential and Commercial Clients.”

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C Vella’s Electrician Townsville remains one of the highly advanced electrical service provider that commits a combination of skills, experience and technological advancement to the service of residential and commercial clients. Our team of individually specialised electricians are known for their in-service approach to work and readiness to respond to emergencies.

We devote the keenest attention and our best skills to the craft of detecting and fixing both common and complex technical problems on your most advanced equipment. Our Townsville Electricians have acquired the latest skills of fixing problems on various appliances including dryers, electrical stoves, switchboard upgrades, dishwashers, electrical ovens and electrical cooktops.


Our attention on your safety.

You can trust C Vella’s Electrician Townsville to protect you from electrical hazards that may lurk at every nook of your home. We fix dangerous electrical problems and ensure that your systems and appliances are well insulated to protect you and your loved ones from any mishap. We also offer surge protection services to protect your appliances from damage.

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