Saving Power & Money With The Correct Tariff for Your Home or Business

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Which Tariffs work best for your Townsville home or business?

Save Money and Extend Your Appliances Life with C Vella’s Tariff Energy Analysis

Most people in the Townsville region are unaware of what tariff type works best for their home living style or business needs. They are also unsure of what potential savings they could be receiving by having the correct tariff settings in place to suit their daily needs.

By just knowing the right tariff settings for your utility needs, you may be able to save up to 50% Off your current electricity bill PA. How good is that!?

When it comes to your current tariff settings, most people believe that it’s up to their Energy provider to sort this out. Unfortunately depending on your area, how old your house is and the electrical company in Townsville that set it up for you, they may have this all wrong, and it could be costing your back pocket Big Time!

C Vella Plumbing & Electrical have put together this article for you to better understand your current tariff settings and what setting you really should have to suit your electrical energy needs. By having the correct tariff set up for your utility needs, can save you hundreds each year and add extra comfort to your home or business.

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Economy Tariffs – Best Energy Saving Solutions

Townsvile Tariffs

The economy Tariffs are best for household appliances like pool filters and large hot water systems that don’t require a constant supply of power. Your energy provider restricts the energy usage times to an off-peak electricity schedule for those appliances which limits their power usage during low usage times.

Super Economy – Tariff 31


Tariff 31 is suited for electric hot water systems holding 250 litres or above that only require being reheat at night only.

Please refer to Ergon’s hot water sizing tables for better information on the size of your hot water systems that can be run on Tariff 31.

As stated above, Tariff 31 may be the best energy & money saving solutions for your home or business, but you are very restricted by your energy network provider because they control the times when the power is available to your systems. The times of day may change and vary in duration of availability.

On Tariff 31, the power is available for a minimum of only 8 hours usage each day. Not many people know that Economy tariffs can be set in conjunction with all other residential tariffs at the same address but is only limited to be used to run your entire household or business.

If you have ever encountered the problem of your Air Conditioning units switching off or not having any Hot Water from your hot water systems at a particular time, at example 6pm, you are most likely governed by Tariff 31. If this does not work for you or is causing problems to your way of living, you may want to change this to General Tariff 11 which gives you access to power 24/7.

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To change your current Tariff, book a time with one of our licenced Townsville electrical contractors today “Click Here Now.”

Our licensed electrical contractors will be able to assist you with this and set up the best option for you and a comfortable way of living.

Economy – Tariff 33


Tariff 33 is best suited for the smaller pool pumps, smaller electric hot water systems that have a holding capability of 125 ltrs, smaller heat pump systems that can hold up to 270 ltrs and solar hot water systems 160 ltrs or more.

With Tariff 33 your power is only available for 18 hours each day. Ten hours or more than Tariff 31. This option may be better for people and business that are only needed those 18 hours in their day. Once again, the times when your power provider switches off the power, may all change from one day to another and will most likely vary in duration.

If your Townsville Air Conditioners are connected to the Tariff 33, you might prefer a licenced Townsville Electrician to connect your power system to Tariff 11 which has a constant supply of power so you can choose when you run them.

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Residential – Tariff 11


Tariff 11 is the most common tariff for residential and is the less restricted. People who prefer to have more control over their appliances, choose to have tariff 11 selected. With Tariff 11 it is a general supply, so for what you use, you pay a flat rate throughout the day & night, as well as a data supply charge

Am I able to operate my household appliances on an economy tariff?


To switch your pool pump to be running on Tariff 33, or your hot water system on Tariff 31 or 33, contact C Vella’s licensed electrical contractors today to discuss your best utility needs and arrange for any work to be inspected and completed. Your C Vella Townsville Electrical Contractors will notify your power provider when the new changes have been set.

I’m on the current economy tariff, when will my power be available?

Your power provider manages the hours they supply for these tariffs, which will be switched off at any time to manage their electricity demand.

Tariff 33 is available each day for at least 18 hours while Tariff 31 is only available for a maximum of 8 hours each day.  The times of day your power provider may change your usage will range from day to day in duration.

How can I change my current tariffs to best suit my requirements?


For any businesses or households that are currently connected with Tariff 31 or 33, a quick energy analysis will need to be met first. After assessing your energy outputs and your requirements, our electricians can quickly change the wiring in your switchboard converting your circuits to be on the correct tariff to suit your needs saving you energy and dollars.

If you’re considering a tariff change, please call C Vella Plumbing & Electrical on 07 477 961 83 (7 am – 5.00 pm, Mon – Fri) or fill in the booking form to confirm your time

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