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C Vella Plumbing & Electrical is a premier service company in Townsville that provides first-rate plumbing and electrical solutions with a sure promise of quality and versatility. Our team of exceptionally skilled and experienced technicians have proved their remarkable expertise in fixing broken and damaged taps, toilets and water pipes for commercial and residential clients.

The indomitable spirit of innovation and versatility has seen Plumbers Townsville grow from the plumbing sector into the vital sector of electrical services. Our plumbers draw their strength from the need to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in areas as diverse as plumbing installation and blocked drains. At all times, we deploy the full range of our professionalism to find lasting solutions using above standard methods.


We Conduct Specialised Inspection.

Throughout the Townsville region, Plumbers Townsville is highly regarded for its ultramodern methods of fixing both general and complex technical problems that afflict many households. Our plumbers use the highly specialised CCTV Blocked Drain Snake Cameras, which saves you the extra costs that are usually incurred when ordinary plumbers dig up earth in search of the blocked source.

Besides, we have invested in top-grade equipment such as the High-Pressure Jet Cutter, which simplifies the task of cutting through the blocking object so that the pipe is left undamaged and no money is spent on replacements. The growing number of our esteemed clients clearly testifies to the great quality of our services and the cost friendly appeal.

Our Focus Level 4 Water Restriction. 

Another advantage of trusting our services relates to the fact that Townsville is approaching Level 4 Water Restriction. We make life easy for our clients by supplying water efficiency reports. Our plumbers also intervene with timely detection and fixing of leakages to save you from excess water fees and charges.

C Vella’s Plumbers Townsville is your first choice company for certification, installation and testing services of thermostatic valves and backflow devices. You can trust us for perfect storm water services including installation, repairs and cleaning of pipes, pits and grates. We also offer roof and guttering services with particular focus on repairs, replacements, preparation of condition reports and inspection services. We are determined to bring efficiency and perfection at your doorstep.

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