Townsville’s Water Restrictions – Saving Water, Energry and Dollars

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Townsville Water Restrictions – How to Manage your Water & Energy Consumption.


townsville water restrictions


Townsville residents are said to use approximately 70% more water than their counterparts in similar cities around the world. With the growing water crisis in Townsville, North Queensland, the Townsville City Council may soon be forced to implement level four water restrictions. This is the highest level water restrictions they can impose. In the event that the council goes ahead with stepping up the water restrictions in Townsville, it will affect all residential, council and commercial water users. So what will the implications of increased water restrictions be?

As it stands, Level three restrictions are quite severe and a there’s a hefty fine ($365 – residential and $1 828 – commercial) for those who don’t comply. Level four water restrictions will mean that residential users will no longer be allowed to hand water their gardens with a hosepipe – only watering cans and buckets will be allowed in accordance with the “odds and evens” system. There can be no watering of sports fields. Nurseries and market gardens will be limited to irrigation systems and watering cans or buckets. If Townsville residents don’t make a concerted effort to reduce their water consumption, level four water restrictions will be inevitable.

There can be no watering of sports fields. Nurseries and market gardens will be limited to irrigation systems and watering cans or buckets. If Townsville residents don’t make a concerted effort to reduce their water consumption, level four water restrictions will be inevitable.

C Vella Plumbing & Electrical have put together some simple & useful tips to help you reduce your water consumption and preserve this valuable resource during Townsville’s Tough Water Restrictions.

In your garden

– Mulching helps the ground around your plants and garden soil retain water. By scattering wood chips or garden debris like leaves or lawn clippings on your plant beds you can greatly reduce the amount water needed to keep your garden green. Also, swap out dead or dying plants with more hardy plants/shrubs that can handle less water.

Townsville Water Saving Tips


Install a Rainwater Tank Set up a water tank in your property to capture and store rain water from gutter down pipes for watering the garden. Collecting and reusing rainwater is the most effective way to reduce your mains water use and cut your water bills. Ten inches of rain falling on a 100 square meter catchment area will generate about 22712.47 litres of rainwater! That’s right, 22712.47 litres! That’s more than you were expecting, right?

Speak to C Vella Plumbing & Electrical on 07 4779 6183 for a FREE phone consultation to discuss the perfect rainwater catchment set up for your property.

townsville water restrictions
Install and use a water saving shower head. When selecting a new shower saving head, choose a shower head that is above WELS 3 Star rating shower head. There are many to choose from, do your research and don’t just go off the WELS rating but also, the Energy Rating as well. With these both in factor, can and will save on your water bills and can reduce your energy costs from your hot water usage.  Make sure to check all the features and benefits before you purchase one to know exactly how many litres of water per minute your new shower head uses. More info here >>

Use a Shower Timer. Using a shower timer is also an effective way to monitor and reduce your current water usage. You’ll be surprised how much water goes down the drain in just a few minutes. By reducing shower times to about 4 minutes and using a water saving showerhead, you can save almost 1 000 litres per month.

townsville water restrictions water saving head


Upgrade Your Old Dishwasher Upgrading your dishwasher may sound like a crazy idea when you’re trying to cut back on excess costs, but seeing how 55% of Australians use a dishwasher and the average dishwasher uses 13 – 16 litres of water per cycle. That’s over 12,000 litres in one year. When you add all that up it pays to check the WELS 3 rating and to know how much water your dishwasher uses as well as energy. (See WELS rating or manufacturers website).



– Installing a modern dual flush toilet system. I know what your thinking… Look at this as a long-term strategy and the overall water and energy savings.  By upgrading & installing a dual flush toilet, you can reduce the amount of water used yearly by about 60%. Add that up over ten years!!

townsville water restrictions toilets


Leaking pipes. Damaged or old leaky water pipes can often go undetected for many years and can cause a water loss of up to 7, 000 litres per day. If you notice any abnormal water usage, it is possible that you may have an undetected water leak. Monitor your water meter and if worried reach out to a professional asap that can supply a leak detection analysis.

townsvillewater restrictions leaky water pipes


– Taps that drip constantly are a major source of water loss throughout the city – a single leaking tap can waste up to 50 litres of water per day. The cost of a washer replacement or a professional to come round will outway the water and dollars loss in the long run.


C Vella Plumbing & Electrical are being proactive during our Townsville Water Restrictions. We believe we can show our clients and the whole community more effective and efficient ways of using and conserve our water wisely.

Considering the dire situation regarding Townsville’s water restrictions, it’s more important now than ever to start using water wisely and being more proactive moving forward. Now would be an excellent time to get in contact with a quality plumber like C Vella Plumbing & Electrical to perform a leak detection analysis on your property and advise you on strategies to conserve your water more wisely.

Whichever plumber you decide to use, check that they have the know-how and equipment to correctly detect and repair leaks on the spot. A good plumber should be able to advise you on what toilets, shower heads and other devices can help you save water in your home and will better position you during Townsvilles water restrictions.

Get in contact with C Vella Plumbing & Electrical today on 07 4779 6183 or visit us at our showroom at 43 Pilkington St, Townsville QLD 4814.

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